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3 Foolproof Ways To Choose An Exceptional Private School For Your Child

If your goal is to ensure that your child has access to the best educational resources, a private school education could be the right choice for your family. Private school tuition can be high and entrance requirements may be vigorous, but remember that it is your job to do the vetting, not the other way around. For the three most straight-forward methods for screening high quality private schools, read the following worthwhile tips.

1. Speak With Past Students - Undoubtedly, when you tour a private school and speak with the head administrators, the hope is that you will leave with a favorable impression. While speaking with current students will help you to learn more about a particular private school's culture and overall expectations, you may not be able to get the whole picture.

Instead, consider talking to past students and see how their educations helped to shape their future, in detailed specifics. This may help you in being able to see if the private school you are interested in will improve your child's chances of being accepted to ivy league colleges or being hired by prestigious employers.

2. Request Current Academic Data - For parents that want their children to achieve academic excellence not normally obtainable in the public school system, current academic data, rankings and comparisons can be used to establish the facts. Up-to-date statistical data will show you how a private school stacks up against other nearby institutions of learning, while also helping you to see how it performs according to state level academic standards.

Unlike brochures and other internally produced literature, current academic data reflects the raw numbers, including the test scores and performance averages of the cumulative student body. If you're going to choose a private school based on its ability to push your child academically, it is in your best interest to learn what it has been able to do for other students.

3. See How The Staff Measures Up - All parents want their children to be instructed by professionals that have achieved many notable accomplishments. After all, having a private school that can boast of its prestigious staff is much more likely to attract equally ambitious pupils.

Getting information on the teachers at the private schools you are considering, including their educational backgrounds and credentials, will make your final decision clear. Private school instructors who are still active in their chosen areas of expertise are likely to have the tools needed to better reach and relate to students, and better enrich their collective educations.