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Kindergarten Skills: 3 Ways to Teach Your Child the Alphabet

When a child is preparing to enter kindergarten, one of the most foundational skills the child will need to have is a knowledge of the alphabet. For some children, learning the alphabet can be a challenge and can lead to frustrations. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to help your child learn their letters in a way that is not frustrating for them. The following are some ideas to consider.

Sing Alphabet Songs

Aside from the traditional ABC song that is so commonly utilized, you can try singing different songs about the alphabet that your child can really get involved in. You can find a number of songs online or on CDs from the library. You can also make up your own songs by implementing the alphabet into current songs that your child already loves. Practice singing these songs regularly, and your child will have their letters down in no time.

Read Books

Books are another great option. Not only will reading help your child love and appreciate the art of storytelling, but it will also reinforce the alphabet. There are plenty of books available that focus on the alphabet. The key to getting children into reading these types of books is to vary the books each day. Kids can sometimes become bored when reading the same alphabet books each day. Invest in a large collection or check different books out from the library from time to time.

Create an Alphabet Box

Another fun project to get kids learning about the alphabet is making an alphabet box. Take a box of any type and focus on one letter at a time. Write the letter on an index card in both upper- and lower-case letters and tape it to the box. Next, have the child search for items around the house that start with that letter. For instance, if the letter of the day is S, help the child collect things that start with S, such as stickers, stones, socks, and so on. Do this each day to help get them excited about learning the alphabet through interaction.

The key to helping your child learn the alphabet is consistency, so make sure you do something each day to help them identify letters and name them. You can also help them learn the letters by making cards that contain the letters of their first name. Have them identify the letters in their name while they also learn how to spell it. This way, they are getting two exercises done in one sitting.

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