Teach Because You Love It

Are You Considering Sending Your Daughter To An All-Girls Catholic High School?

Did you attend Catholic schools while you were growing up? Maybe you didn't attend Catholic schools yourself, but you have heard good things about them. If your daughter will be attending high school in the next couple of years, maybe you want to know more about all-girls Catholic high schools.  

No matter how great boys are, they can be a distraction from studies. Your daughter won't have that distraction if you decide to enroll in at an all-girls Catholic high school. However, that's just the beginning of what is so great about this type of school.

A Christ-based Education - At a Catholic high school, your daughter will study all of the subjects that are required for graduation. However, there will probably be an excellent slant to the things she will study. 

For instance, when reproduction is studied in a biology class, part of the teaching will also include that life is a precious gift from God. While geography is studied, your daughter might also learn about places in the world where the Catholic Church sends priests and nuns nowadays to do humanitarian work as part of their service. While history is studied, your daughter might learn about people like Father Damien, who served lepers in Molokai, Hawaii. Your daughter might study the life of Mother Theresa, who is an example of strength, compassion, and service for all people.

Extracurricular Activities - There will more than likely be many choices for your daughter to make when it comes to extra-curricular activities that add fun to education. 

For instance, maybe your daughter would love to be in a foreign language club. If your daughter enjoys sports like volleyball and basketball, those may be another option. Perhaps your daughter might be interested in being part of a student council. Your daughter might love being in the school choir or in the drama club. No matter which extracurricular activities your daughter selects, there will probably be an opportunity for her to compete with her friends against other schools. 

Don't be surprised if there are activities planned that involve students from an all-boys Catholic high school. For instance, there might be well-chaperoned dances held monthly or for special occasions. There might be special event days where the young women and the young men gather together for the opportunity to listen to ecclesiastic church leaders. 

No matter the classes your daughter takes and no matter the extracurricular events she selects, Christ-like values will be stressed. Research all-girls Catholic high schools in your area.